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PRAXIS Trondheim established the successful concept PRAXIS Oslo that they have developed and brought it to Trondheim. Our motivation was to create a close collaboration between the professional environments in both cities, to expand the boundaries and learn from each other. 

With PRAXIS Trondheim, we want to create a space for sharing artistic practices for performing artists as well as other movement enthusiasts in Trondheim and beyond. In form of weekly classes, workshops and artist talks, we offer a platform for exchange and discussion with movement as a foundation. We want to open up for an interdisciplinary exchange, where performing artists and movement enthusiasts with different backgrounds can share and learn from each other. By inviting local, national and international guest teachers, we aim to increase the offer of movement practices and create a broader professional performing arts community in Trondheim.


PRAXIS Trondheim is an initiative by Trondheim-based dance artists, inspired by Praxis Oslo. Project initiator Anna Thu Schmidt invited local dance artists Karoline Bergh Ellingsen, Nina Wollny and Gunhild Løhre, to start PRAXIS Trondheim as a pilot project in spring 2021, supported by FFUK. In dialogue with PRAXIS Oslo which started in 2013, we were inspired to gather the performing arts field in Trondheim, as we feel there are few opportunities to gather across disciplines/backgrounds in a training context.


“PRAXIS Oslo is an arena where professional performing artists in dance, theater and performance can, through insight into each other's practices, exchange and discuss various artistic processes with colleagues in the field. The background for the idea is own thoughts about what is relevant training for performing artists, and curiosity about other performers' practice. ”


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Anna Thu Schmidt

Dance artist with a focus on dance improvisation, interdisciplinary projects, site-specific work and integrated dance. Anna is based in Trondheim since 2017 and interested in the relation of dance to other art forms. She is part of the dance company Danselaboratoriet, leader of ImproDans Trondheim and Samtidsdans for voksne Trondheim. One of her main projects is ‘How to read water’.

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Karoline Ellingsen Wheeler

Karoline has a BA in Dance with PPU from the University of Stavanger, as well as a one-year preliminary study in dance from Spin Off in Oslo. Runs Kompani Morell, a performing arts company with focus on children and young people and is a part of the PRAXIS Trondheim team. She has extensive teaching experience ranging from children / young people to professionals. Works freelance as a danceteacher for The National Academy of the Arts among others, and now as a performer for Cirka Teater & Teater Fot.


Gunhild Løhre

Dance artist and choreographer with a main interest in interdisciplinary projects, dance on film and fusion of different dance styles, methods and expressions. Currently working with the development of the short film, ‘Brainfeels’, ‘Quantum Entanglement’ and the Polish/Norwegian collaborative project ‘Solidarnosc/Solidaritet’, in addition to other assignments as a performer.



Performing artist for over 20 years, works with Mia Habib Productions, BodyCartography Project, Molitrix and Jenny Beyer Productions, among others. Teaches dance since 2004 for various dance companies, universities and dance studios for professional dancers abroad and in Norway such as Proda, Scottish Dance Theater, MaCode and Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst Frankfurt, Skåne's dance theater and Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater.


Andrea Winsnes

Dance artist with a special interest in partnering and improvisation. Holds a BA inn contemporary dance. Based in Trondheim since 2022, and is currently a part of the dance companies Danselaboratoriet and Danseteateret. Has worked as a dancer for Kari Hoaas Productions and Elle Sofe Company among others.

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